ENGINE DE08TIS Parts ordering and parts specs

In this page we offer the part numbers for inner parts for the engine Develon/Doosan/Daewoo Engine model DE08TIS with the fitting quantity and unit weight for each part also the wear limits for change the used part with the new one

Seq.Part NumberDescriptionFit QT’YWeightReplaceable part
365.02503-8146PISTON RING KIT10.58
465.02502-0010PIN;PISTON 42X20X9560.78
506.29020-0126RING;SNAP 42X1.75120.01
765.03203-1028DRING;VALVE SEAT EXHAUST60.03
865.03203-1029GRING;VALVE SEAT INTAKE60.03
1165.04902-0013SEAL;VALVE STEAM120.01
1265.04410-0017. BUSH;CAM SHAFT40.13
1365.02405-0010. BUSH;CON-ROD60.1265.02405-1011
1465.01110-6351BEARING;MAIN STD70.21140103-00075
1565.01150-0015BEARING;THRUST UPPER20.03120816-00083A
1665.01150-0016AWASHER;THRUST LOWER20.03120816-00084A
1965.01510-0037SEAL;OIL REAR1
2065.03901-0058AGASKET;CYLINDER HEAD30.1
2165.00900-1146SGASKET HALF SET1
2265.99601-8034OVER HAUL GASKET KIT-ALL12.75400632-00080

Cylinder liner 65.01201-0050

In order to choose the right liner for your engine, You have to Measure unworn portion beneath the rim of the upper side.The standard value of the liner inside diameter is φ111~φ111.022 and the wear limit for use is φ111.122 , If your liner exceed the wear limit you have to replace it with a new one