Front attachments

In this section we will show complete listing of dimensional specifications for all mounting pins and bushes used on the front attachment A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J and K . First you have to choose your model from the above menu


Complete the bucket end removal procedure by pulling out the two bucket linkage pins and the bucket cylinder mounting pin, on the arm. Use an assist crane or hoist to lift the cylinder and relieve weight on mounting pins
Park the excavator away from obstructions and all traffic on clear, flat, level ground. Extend the arm cylinder and crowd the arm into the boom. Partially retract the boom cylinder so that the boom is stretched out in front of the excavator, as low to the ground as possible, with the arm crowded under the boom.

The tip of the arm point should be lowered to secure blocking that will safely support the weight of the arm. Place the blocking directly in front of the excavator and make sure that it will not be unbalanced with an initial weight load that is all to one end, under the arm point.

Shut off the engine and release hydraulic system pressure – move any of the control levers with the engine off to release pressure built up in the accumulator. Manually vent residual hydraulic pressure in the tank by moving the lever near the cap, on top of the reservoir.

Before beginning the disassembly of attachment mounting pins, disconnect the arm cylinder hydraulic hose couplings and put a clean plug in the end of each one. Use any and all reasonable precautions necessary to avoid introducing dirt or other contaminants into the hydraulic system. Wipe down coupling points before disconnecting hydraulic lines and use evaporative-type solvent spray cleaner. Tag and mark hoses for reassembly, if necessary.

Place a sling under the arm cylinder (the cylinder used to extend and retract the attachment arm, pinned to the top of the boom). Lift the sling so that the weight load on the rod end of the arm cylinder (pinned to the ears on the inner end of the arm) is released. Prepare blocking under the arm that will securely support the weight of the arm and arm cylinder.

Remove retainers on the end of the mounting pin for the arm cylinder rod end. Use the assist crane to relieve the weight load and withdraw the pin. Lower the arm down to the blocking support for any continued disassembly procedures.


NOTE: Boom removal may be simplified if the shell of the operator’s cab is taken off the turntable deck first. Refer to the Operator’s Cab Removal procedure before continuing, if both components are to be removed from the excavator.After the bucket, arm and arm cylinder have been removed, lower the end of the boom to a stable, secure blocking support.Attach the assist crane sling to the body of either boom cylinder, break the mounting pin connection to the boom by tapping through the pin from the same side of the boom and repeat for the opposite cylinder.Release hydraulic pressure and disconnect line couplings as previously outlined in the Arm Removal Procedure, observing the same precautions.Disconnect wiring for work light assemblies and any other accessory lines or connections. Locate the sling of the assist crane near the center of gravity, optimum lift point for the boom, and use the crane to take pressure off the boom foot pin. Drive out the pin after disassembling retainers and carefully lift away the boom.

To maintain stability, the counterweight should be removed whenever the front attachment is taken off the machine.