ENGINE DE08TIS Specifications and parts ordering

1.1.   Engine Specific Character

OMEGA combustion bowl (D1146TI, DE08TIS)

  1. The OMEGA combustion bowl is a unit designed to perform high efficiency, low emission combustion. As the rim around the combustion bowl port of the upper of the piston has been machined in a smaller size than the interior of the combustion bowl, strong swirl is produced in the combustion bowl and strong squish flow makes the fuel be mixed more sufficiently with air.
  2. Due to the application of OMEGA combustion system and optimal utilization of intake and exhaust port configuration within the cylinder head, the D1146TI, DE08TIS diesel engines discharge very low level of hazardous exhaust gases such as smoke, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, or carbon monoxide and thus ensure high performance and low fuel consumption.

Oil gallery cooling is used for the piston of DE08TIS diesel engine.

When thermal loading is high, piston cooling by means of an oil gallery in the crown is normally necessary to prevent crown cracking and ring sticking. The design of the gallery, the design and location of the oil spray nozzle and the quantity of oil flowing in the gallery are critical in order to achieve the desired temperature reduction.The cross-section shape of the gallery should be designed to achieve sufficient oil movement to maximize cooling efficiency.

1.2.   Engine Specifications

Engine type4 cycle in-line,Water-cooled type Turbo charged & intercooled
Combustion chamber typeDirect injection type
Cylinder liner typeReplaceable dry liner
Timing gear systemGear driven type
No. of piston ringCompression ring 2, oil ring 1
No. of cylinder-bore x stroke (mm)6 – 111 × 139
Total piston displacement (cc)8,071
Compression ratio19.5 : 1
Engine dimension(L x W x H) (mm)Counter clockwise
Fuel injection order1 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 2 – 4
Injection pump typeBosch in-line type
Governor typeMechanical governor type (RSV)
Injection nozzle typeMulti-hole type
Fuel injection pressure (kg/cm2)Refer to injection pump rack data
Compression pressure (kg/cm2)28 (at 200 rpm)
Intake and exhaust valve clearance (at cold)(mm)0.3
Intake valve Open at16° (B.T.D.C)
Intake valve Close at36° (A.B.D.C)
Exhaust valve Open at46° (B.B.D.C)
Exhaust valve Close at14° (A.T.D.C)
Lubrication methodFull forced pressure feed type
Lubrication methodFull forced pressure feed type
Using engine oilAbove ACEA-E2 (API CH-4) , SAE15W40
Oil pump typeGear type driven by crankshaft
Oil filter typeCartridge type
Lubricating oil capacity (max./min.) (lit)21 / 17 or 31.5 / 20
Oil cooler typeWater cooled
Water pumpCentrifugal type driven by belt
Cooling MethodFresh water forced circulation
Cooling water capacity (engine only) (lit)11
Thermostat typeWax pallet type (71 ∼ 85 °C or 71 ∼ 90 °C)
Alternator voltage – capacity (V – A)24 – 50 (Option)
Starting Motor voltage – output (V – kW)24 – 6.0
Air heater capacity (V – A)Installed parts of vehicle maker
Battery capacity (V – AH)24 – 150

1.3.   Engine model and serial number

The engine model and serial number is located on the engine as illustrated.
These numbers are required when requesting warranty and ordering parts. They are also
referred to as engine model and serial number because of their location.

1.4.   Engine spare parts